Organizational Structure of the Commission

HSC is made up of seven full-time Members that include a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson. The Commission Secretariat is headed by the Secretary as the Responsible Officer. It comprises three Departments namely: Finance and Administration: headed by an Undersecretary; Human Resource Management Department, headed by a Commissioner, Human Resource Management; and Recruitment and Selection Systems Department headed by a Commissioner, Recruitment and Selection Systems. The Commission’s current approved establishment for staff in post is 47 out of 79 approved posts. In total therefore the Commission manpower strength is 54 including Members and Staff.

Strategic Objectives:

Consistent with its mandate, vision and mission, the Commission is guided in its operations by its strategic objectives that are to:

a) Provide advice to H.E. the President of Uganda and Government in respect to HRH issues for timely and strategic decision making;

b) Recruit qualified and competent human resources for health for efficient and effective health service delivery;

c) Enhance the efficiency in recruitment systems and processes;

Our Core Values:

a) Independence: The Commission shall operate independently in executing her mandate.

b) Merit: The Commission shall recruit and select candidates on merit.

c) Integrity: The Commission shall operate with a high sense of moral and ethical standards in all its dealings.

d) Professionalism: The Commission shall seek to accomplish her mandate in a professional way. It shall recruit professionally qualified and competent personnel. Tasks shall be performed at the highest professional standards to guarantee the quality of results.

e) Transparency and Accountability The Commission shall operate in an open manner. It will not accommodate nontransparent methods of work among its Members or staff. The use of resources including funds from various sources will be subjected to laid down procedures for accountability.

f) Confidentiality The Commission shall be discreet with the confidential information it handles in the course of executing her mandate, i.e. matters of individual health workers and Government business. Such information shall not be divulged to unwarranted third parties without the express permission from the source of the information.

Our Professional members

Board Members


Dr. Pius Okong

Deputy Chairperson

Dr. Christine Ntegamahe Mwebesa


Prof. Medi Kawuma